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Cofounder | Perfectna SaaS Financial Technology Platform

Perfectna, The Echo-Trading Network, is a powerful SaaS based financial tech solution. It gives forex brokers the means to provide their clients with an extremely efficient echo-trading solution. The Perfectna web application is a powerful and comprehensive investment risk diversification platform that leverages a proprietary microfinance model which creates mutually beneficial opportunities for investors and money managers. The technology was built with the end user in mind, and features a clean and efficient user interface.

Echo Trading

…is a term used to describe Perfectna’s patented technology. The proprietary system allows trade replication across multiple accounts. In the Perfectna SaaS model, an “Echoer” is a person who wants to duplicate other trading account activity that is offered through the software. “Echo-Leaders” are the traders who manage capital in the financial markets, and wish to offer their account activities to the world via Perfectna SaaS. The platform is a synergistic solution which enables the average person to duplicate professional trades in the markets.
Perfectna SaaS User Interface is a clean and efficient design

A Powerful Web Software Application

The efficiency of the web application brings unprecedented transparency into the currency markets. This transparency empowers investors with the knowledge and tools needed to invest like never before possible. From the sophisticated investor to the layman learner, anyone can leverage the skills of others to suit their investment goals while staying within their risk criteria. This web application generates unique revenue opportunities for money managers and investors alike. The Perfectna software platform can also be leveraged in stocks, commodities, and futures markets.

Mark Matzeldelaflor’s contributions include:

– Data mining
– Risk analysis
– Market research
– Competitive Analysis
– Business Development
– Platform testing and evaluation
– Technology structuring and architecture

This is a sophisticated and powerful technology that took great skill and forethought to make it accessible and usable for the average person. View the Perfectna website for more information, including a detailed FAQ!

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