Live to Tell Docudrama TV Series on History Channel

Technical Advisor on Docudrama TV Series

Mark Matzeldelaflor consulted with Film 45 as a Technical Advisor and Actor for the first season of Live to Tell, an original documentary drama (docudrama) series filmed for the History Channel. His role as technical advisor, was to ensure the authenticity and realism of the action scenes in each episode of the series.

The Live to Tell docudrama series was produced by Peter Berg’s Film 45 who’s mission is to “reveal elements of the human experience” with raw and honest storytelling in its purest form. Featuring true stories told by the real life heroes of each mission, Live to Tell explores the passion and drive that fuels the most elite military forces in the world. Stories of courage, camaraderie, service and sacrifice come to life when told by the military service members who experienced them and lived to tell. Each episode blends passionate interviews with amazing cinematic sequences to immerse viewers in the heroism and sacrifice displayed by U.S. Special Operations Forces on recent missions in the ongoing War on Terror.

This docudrama series provides a never-before-seen look at how Special Operations Forces have overcome impossible odds and overwhelming force to reveal the raw strength and humility of veterans forged in the fires of combat. Watch the trailer below!

Featured stories in this docudrama series:

Charlie Platoon – The story of Marc Lee (the first Navy SEAL KIA Iraq) and his platoon who fought insurgents in Ramadi during 2006, when it was known as the most dangerous city in the world. Charlie Platoon continues to fight for the mission they believed in, and the honor of their fallen brother.

The Red Wings Recovery – The story of the Army Ranger’s recovery of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, of whom the 2013 film, Lone Survivor, was based.

A Battle for Haditha Dam – The battle at a strategically advantageous location during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Task Force Merrill –A team of U.S. Army Rangers heads out on a mission to engage Taliban and gather intelligence.

Roberts Ridge – The quick reaction force of U.S. Army Rangers that was sent to rescue a missing Navy SEAL in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Objective Breton – U.S. Army Rangers pursue a jihadist network.

Ranger Machine –  A team of U.S. Army Rangers launch a covert operation to eliminate a group of high value Al-Qaeda targets in Iraq.

The Green Berets of 7115 – After being ambushed by Taliban fighters, a group of Special Forces fight their way out of the contact with a critically wounded teammate.

The series premier airs on January 10th on History Channel at 10/9 central. View the First Episode of Live to Tell now!

Watch the rest of the episodes Sundays 10/9c on the History Channel. Catch up with any episodes you missed at the Live to Tell TV show page on the History Channel at the link below:

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