Birds Eye View Project documentary Media Production

Co Director of Media Production & Public Relations Strategist

Mark Matzeldelaflor is Co Director of media production content, and Public Relations strategist for the Birds Eye View Project. He is responsible for editing the overall look and feel of the project, contributing unique content ideas, storyboarding, design, as well as developing strategic relationships and partnerships.

The Bird’s Eye View Project is an 18-month documentary adventure series that follows the epic extreme sports journey of Navy SEAL Ryan “Birdman” Parrott. The mission of the Birds Eye View Project is to raise awareness for veteran and first-responder needs, and to raise funds in support of those needs.

Extreme Sports for Extreme Needs

is the Birds Eye View Project mantra. As a media production operation, we leverage the shock value of extreme sports and epic stunts to drive attention and direct support to organizations that assist veteran, fire fighter, and first responder communities.

The Web Series Media Production

The Bird’s Eye View Project will release one webisode per month, beginning in 2016. The series follows Ryan around the world on an extreme-sports adventure where viewers will also be exposed to the up-close and personal extreme needs of Veterans and First-Responders.

Operation Miracle Jump Media Production

May 2017 is the target window… after two years of intense preparation and training, trials and tribulations, successes and failures, Ryan “Birdman” Parrott will execute an epic stunt in the high altitude peaks of rugged wilderness which has never before been attempted.

The Documentary Media Production

Ryan’s journey is be extreme, exciting, and fast-paced. Travel, training, jumping, snowboarding and visits with the benefitting charities will tell the story in this unique documentary. Through Ryan’s experiences, we will all share in the “Bird’s Eye View.”

The Reason Why

There are many small charities that are doing great things to help Veterans and First-Responders. However, very few people know who they are, and they don’t have the funding needed to get their message out. The Bird’s Eye View Project is a BIG event that will raise BIG awareness and funding for the veteran and first-responder charities on the project.

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